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Flake Graphite Sizes

Super Jumbo (XXL)+30 mesh

Jumbo (XL)+50 mesh

Large+80 mesh

Medium+100 mesh

Small / Fine-100 mesh

Fine (Powder)-140 mesh

Flake Diameters

Super Jumbo (XXL)> 500 µm

Jumbo (XL)> 300 µm

Large> 180 µm

Medium100 to 150 µm

Small / Fine75 to 100 µm

Fine (Powder)45 to 75 µm

Graphite Applications

Aerospace Composites
Alkaline Batteries
Automotive Lubricants
Bearings & Bushings
Brake Pads & Linings
Carbon Additives
Carbon Brushes
Carbon Cloth & Paper
Carbon Composites
Carbon Raisers for Iron
Clean Energy Storage
Coatings & Adhesives
Construction Materials
Consumer Electronics
Continuous Casting Dies
CVD Substrates
Dry Film Lubricants
EDM Tooling
Electric Vehicles
Extruded Rods & Tubes
Flame Retardants
Flexible Foils & Sheets
Forging Lubricants
Fuel Cell Components
Graphene Advanced Materials
Graphene Solar Cells
Impervious Plates
Industrial Crucibles
Isomolded Plates
Lithium Ion Batteries
Machined Ingots
Medical Devices & Research
Metallurgical Greases
Nuclear Reactors
Oven Chain Lubricants
Pencil Lead
PGS Thermal Conductors
Plastics & Polymers
Portable Energy Products
Powder for Hard Metals
Powdered Lubricants
Powder Metallurgy
PTFE Bars & Rods
Pyrolitic Discs & Plates
Railroad Lubricants
Refractory Materials
Rubber Composites
Seed Lubricants
Sintered Composites
Zinc Carbon Batteries

Featured Graphite Company

Coidan Graphite Products logo

Coidan Graphite Products Ltd supplies graphite parts, products and components to manufacturers throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and the rest of the world. At their 10,000 sq ft depot in North Yorkshire, they engineer top quality components from high grade graphite, delivering excellent solutions and value for your money.

It is highly unlikely that there is a component that is outside of their machining capacity. Their work shop is fully equipped with state of the art CNC machines, their largest lathe is 1000 swing x 6500, the maximum capacity of their mill is 2800 x 1000 x 1000, but they can still cope with items as small as 4mm OD by 1mm.

Coidan Graphite Production

Their extensive production facilities allow them to supply parts to a wide range of industries, including: aerospace, automotive, biotech, chemical, diamonds, glass, green energy, heavy engineering, medical equipment, nuclear energy, optical fibre, precious metals, solar, and tool manufacturing. They are industry experts who understand the graphite needs of a wide variety of sectors.

Coidan Graphite Insulation

Their philosophy is to keep things simple by fulfilling your requirements with suitable, practical and cost-efficient solutions - no confusion, no misunderstandings, and not a single lost message. Over the course of the last half-century, Coidan has established an enviable reputation for product quality and outstanding customer service, growing to become one of the most respected suppliers of graphite products in the world.

This is the result of their commitment to prompt deliveries for emergency breakdowns, competitive prices for ongoing requirements, and a fast turnaround for bespoke items. They will work with you to find a solution, whatever industry you operate in.

Coidan Graphite Elements

Some of the products and services that they offer, include:

  • Arc Furnace Electrodes
  • Carbon and Graphite Hot Zone Insulation
  • EDM / Spark Erosion
  • Electronic Applications
  • Flexible Graphite Felts and Foils
  • Furnace Refurbishments & Repairs
  • Gouging Rods
  • Graphite Machined Parts
  • Graphite Speciality
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Hot Zone Accessories & Rebuilds
  • Industrial Applications
  • Mechanical Applications
  • Rigid Graphite Insulation
  • Titan Metal Fabricators
  • Vacuum Furnaces
  • Wilk-Graphite

Coidan Graphite Rolls of Foil