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Flake Graphite Sizes

Super Jumbo (XXL)+30 mesh

Jumbo (XL)+50 mesh

Large+80 mesh

Medium+100 mesh

Small-100 mesh

Fine-140 mesh

Flake Diameters

Super Jumbo (XXL)> 500 µm

Jumbo (XL)> 300 µm

Large> 180 µm

Medium106 to 180 µm

Small75 to 106 µm

Fine< 75 µm

Graphite Applications

Aerospace Composites
Alkaline Batteries
Automotive Lubricants
Bearings & Bushings
Brake Pads & Linings
Carbon Additives
Carbon Brushes
Carbon Cloth & Paper
Carbon Composites
Carbon Raisers for Iron
Clean Energy Storage
Coatings & Adhesives
Construction Materials
Consumer Electronics
Continuous Casting Dies
CVD Substrates
Dry Film Lubricants
EDM Tooling
Electric Vehicles
Extruded Rods & Tubes
Flame Retardants
Flexible Foils & Sheets
Forging Lubricants
Fuel Cell Components
Graphene Advanced Materials
Graphene Solar Cells
Impervious Plates
Industrial Crucibles
Isomolded Plates
Lithium Ion Batteries
Machined Ingots
Medical Devices & Research
Metallurgical Greases
Nuclear Reactors
Oven Chain Lubricants
Pencil Lead
PGS Thermal Conductors
Plastics & Polymers
Portable Energy Products
Powder for Hard Metals
Powdered Lubricants
Powder Metallurgy
PTFE Bars & Rods
Pyrolitic Discs & Plates
Railroad Lubricants
Refractory Materials
Rubber Composites
Seed Lubricants
Sintered Composites
Zinc Carbon Batteries

Featured Graphite Company

DNI Metals Inc. logoDNI Metals Inc.

Canadian-based DNI Metals Inc. is focused on developing a vertically integrated graphite company, with an emphasis on saprolitic-hosted deposits in Madagascar and Brazil.

Saprolite, or weathered material, will allow DNI Metals to extract graphite with much lower capital expenditure and operating expense costs than the overwhelming majority of their competition.

Their vision is to become the lowest cost, highest margin, highest quality graphite producer to take advantage of the clean energy segment: fuel cells, Li-Ion batteries, energy storage, etc., as well as traditional graphite sectors, such as: refractories, powder metallurgy, recarburisers, foundries, etc.

Download their latest presentation. (27-page PDF)

DNI Metals Inc. - Vohitsara Madagascar Graphite Property

Vohitsara (PE38642) Graphite Property in Madagascar

Their flagship project. Initial exploration results have indicated the presence of a reasonable quantity, quality, and tenor of natural flake graphite mineralization consistent with the high-quality of flake graphite found in central-eastern Madagascar.

The property has a commercial, exploitation mining permit from the BCMM (Bureau du Cadastre Minier de Madagascar), and DNI Madagascar Sarl - a wholly owned subsidiary - has been formed in order to carry out business in that country.

In March 2017, DNI Metals signed a DA (Definitive Agreement), with Australian-based Cougar Metals NL (ASX:CGM) to develop the Vohitsara Graphite Project.

Cougar has begun a 3,000 meter drilling program, and a 1,000 meter trenching program, to be followed by a NI 43-101 resource study, and a NI 43-101 PEA (Preliminary Economic Assessment). Pursuant to the DA, this work should be completed by late 2017. Upon completion of the PEA, a 50/50 Joint Venture will be immediately formed between DNI & Cougar.

Cougar's metallurgical tests have produced very high grade concentrates, with over 98% Total Graphitic Carbon, from both high and low grade raw composites, with 28% > 500 µm (Super Jumbo flake) and 65% > 180 µm (Large flake).

Read the entire news release.

DNI Metals Inc. - Madagascar Graphite

Samples of strong graphitic carbon head-grade results (3% to 13.14% Cgr) from 4 trenches covering a strike length of 700 meters, averaging 300 to 400 meters in width, at Vohitsara, yielded the following preliminary results:

Flake Distribution, Description, and Size

  • 25.3% Jumbo +30 mesh / +595 microns
  • 29.5% Jumbo +50 mesh / +297 microns
  • 12.6% Large +70 mesh / +210 microns
  •  9.9% Medium +100 mesh / +149 microns
  •  5.8% Small +140 mesh / +105 microns
  • 16.9% Small -140 mesh / -105 microns

Vohitsara NI 43-101 Technical Report

DNI Metals Inc. - Marofody Madagascar Graphite Property

Marofody (PE8904) Graphite Property in Madagascar

DNI Metals Inc. has signed a LOI (Letter of Intent) on this claim, which is contiguous to their Vohitsara property. With this addition, DNI will have a contiguous mining tenement package comprising nearly 70 square kilometers.

Graphite mineralization in Madagascar is concentrated primarily in the central and eastern coastal areas of the country, within graphitic horizons of the highly prospective Manampotsy Formation between Toamasina (Tamatave), Brickaville and Moramanga. Most of the mineralization remains underground, or unexploited, with substantial quantities still available for commercial mining. The bulk of the deposits in the Toamasina-Moramanga belt form topographic highs that can be stripped via free-dig methods, allowing for very economic ore extraction.

Both DNI Metals projects lie in a well-defined belt, between Toamasina (Tamatave) and Brickaville, which has been producing graphite for over 50 years, with both claims having historical mine workings on them. In addition, the claims are only 50 kilometers from Madagascar's main operating deep water port at Toamasina, via a paved national highway (Route Nationale No. 2).

Read the entire news release.

DNI Metals Inc. - CEO Dan Weir

Modular Graphite Pilot Plant

DNI Metals has recently announced that it will build a pilot plant for testing multiple zones in both Madagascar properties. The plant will be built in five ocean shipping containers, including flotation cells, and is designed to produce up to 6,000 metric tons of graphite per year, depending on the head grade. The modular plant is scheduled to be on the Vohitsara property before the end of 2017.

DNI Metals plans to expand output at 10,000 to 12,000 metric tons per year, which will enable the company to be extremely competitive in the current graphite market owing to its lower OpEx and CapEx costs, as the ore can go straight into the flotation process following excavation.

Future expansion plans include building a processing plant where ore from their Madagascar properties can be processed and upgraded, saving the company and its shareholders a great deal of money, resulting in higher profit margins for DNI in both the expandable and spherical graphite markets.

Every producing graphite mine must certify its products for carbon content, ash content, moisture content, particle size, and impurities. By having their own plant/laboratory, experts, and a training facility, DNI will be able to provide its customers with a secure, reliable, and consistent supply of graphite.

Read the entire news release.

MOU with Peninsula Mines Ltd. (Expandable Graphite)

DNI Metals has signed a non-binding MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Australian-based Peninsula Mines Limited (ASX:PSM) to form a cooperative joint venture to supply and potentially produce, initially up to 20,000 metric tons per year of >180 micron, >95% TGC (Total Graphitic Carbon) large flake graphite concentrate, beginning in 2018.

The parties agree to identify scope to significantly increase supply to meet projected demand for large flake graphite concentrate to supply expandable flake graphite and/or other graphite products production in South Korea.

Under this agreement, the two companies aim to initially supply large-flake graphite from Madagascar, or elsewhere, to meet the required specifications for production of expandable graphite, as defined in the offtake agreements to be entered into by the parties, including the criteria as stipulated in the offtake Memorandum of Understanding signed by Peninsula Mines with Korean expandable graphite producer, Graphene Korea Co., Ltd.

The MOU is intended to form the basis of a binding flake graphite concentrate supply/offtake joint venture that the parties will use their best endeavors to complete within six months of signing this agreement.

Peninsula Mines Ltd. is an Australian exploration and development company focused on opportunities for mineral discovery and production in South Korea. They are established in South Korea, having worked there for over five years.

Read the entire news release.

DNI Metals Inc. - Wholesale Brazilian Graphite

Wholesale Graphite Business

DNI Metals Inc. has a wholesale graphite business shipping saprolitic material from high-quality, high-purity producers in Brazil to North America. They have a current agreement to provide Great Lakes Graphite 34,000 metric tons of -100 mesh 95% Carbon over a five year period, primarily for their micronized graphite products.

Their wholesale site is located at: BuyFlakeGraphite.com

DNI Metals Inc. - SBH Buckton Zone Property

Non-Core Assets

The SBH/Buckton Project in Alberta contains long-term sources of: molybdenum, nickel, uranium, vanadium, zinc, copper, cobalt, lithium, scandium, thorium, and Rare Earth Elements: lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, samarium, europium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, and yttrium.

PEA & Technical Reports are available for download at SEDAR.

Other interests include: A net smelter return gold royalty interest of 0.5% against future production proceeds from the Cane Springs Property & Kiewit Project Area in Utah; the Attawapiskat Property, consisting of around 16 sq. km. land position in the Attawapiskat region, located in the James Bay Lowlands in Ontario; a 50% interest in claims located to the east of the Louvicourt Mine in Val-d'Or, Quebec; and certain patented claims in the Red Lake Gold District, Ontario.

Stock Symbols

DNI Metals Inc. currently trades in the United States as DMNKF on the OTC, and DNI on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

Other News Releases

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