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Flake Graphite Sizes

Super Jumbo (XXL)+30 mesh

Jumbo (XL)+50 mesh

Large+80 mesh

Medium+100 mesh

Small-100 mesh

Fine-140 mesh

Flake Diameters

Super Jumbo (XXL)> 500 µm

Jumbo (XL)> 300 µm

Large> 180 µm

Medium106 to 180 µm

Small75 to 106 µm

Fine< 75 µm

Graphite Applications

Aerospace Composites
Alkaline Batteries
Automotive Lubricants
Bearings & Bushings
Brake Pads & Linings
Carbon Additives
Carbon Brushes
Carbon Cloth & Paper
Carbon Composites
Carbon Raisers for Iron
Clean Energy Storage
Coatings & Adhesives
Construction Materials
Consumer Electronics
Continuous Casting Dies
CVD Substrates
Dry Film Lubricants
EDM Tooling
Electric Vehicles
Extruded Rods & Tubes
Flame Retardants
Flexible Foils & Sheets
Forging Lubricants
Fuel Cell Components
Graphene Advanced Materials
Graphene Solar Cells
Impervious Plates
Industrial Crucibles
Isomolded Plates
Lithium Ion Batteries
Machined Ingots
Medical Devices & Research
Metallurgical Greases
Nuclear Reactors
Oven Chain Lubricants
Pencil Lead
PGS Thermal Conductors
Plastics & Polymers
Portable Energy Products
Powder for Hard Metals
Powdered Lubricants
Powder Metallurgy
PTFE Bars & Rods
Pyrolitic Discs & Plates
Railroad Lubricants
Refractory Materials
Rubber Composites
Seed Lubricants
Sintered Composites
Zinc Carbon Batteries

.com Graphite Domain Names For Sale

NB: All of the domains below are currently on loan/for rent to highly-relevant graphite companies, to keep them listed with search engines, industry directories, etc., but are owned by a partner of GraphiteWholesale.com

Only the domain names are for sale. The buyer is not entitled to any associated IP and/or content, either produced by our company, its partners, or any third-parties.


Here is your chance to own the .com domain that represents over two-thirds of the global graphite market. Not only is China the world's leading producer, it also owns the most variety of graphite, between all the different artificial/synthetic distributors, amorphous deposits mostly in the Hunan and Jilin Provinces, and huge reserves of natural crystalline flake primarily in the Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Shandong Provinces.

Ideal whether you are importing into, exporting out of, or are a graphite company based in China. Interested parties and serious bidders, please contact us with your offer.


Expandable graphite, or expanded flake, is produced by treating high-quality natural graphite with a mixture of sulfuric acid and/or certain other oxidizing agents, which results in an intumescent form of graphite. During this process, the graphite flakes expand in volume, allowing it to be compressed, without the use of any binder or filler. Various applications include: cathodes of alkaline & zinc-air batteries, flame-retardant materials, fuel cells, graphite foils & gaskets, heat sinks for laptops, negative electrodes of lead-acid batteries, polymer additives, a precursor to graphite nanosheets, and specialty paints and coatings, among many other uses.

Interested parties and serious bidders, please contact us with your offer.

Note: One metric ton of expandable flake graphite currently sells between $2,250 to over 10,000, depending on grade, purity, processing, and application.


Buy the .com name to one of the highest value graphite grades, and most sought-after products. Jumbo flake graphite, or XL, (usually defined as -35 mesh to +50 mesh, or 300-500 microns) is one of the coarse flake graphite grades used in the production of expandable graphite, EM pulse and radiation shielding, flame retardant additive, flexible graphite products (foils, gaskets, seals, and sheets), foundry additive, and powder metallurgy.

Interested parties and serious bidders, please contact us with your offer.

Note: One metric ton of jumbo flake graphite currently sells in the $1,750 to 2,000 range.


Large flake graphite, which includes mesh sizes from -50 to +80, or 180-300 microns, is one of the biggest global graphite markets, primarily sold direct as a concentrate to the world's leading refractory producers. +80 mesh, one of the industry standard premium products, is also processed into a number of value-added products, including purified graphite and uncoated spherical graphite.

Interested parties and serious bidders, please contact us with your offer.

Note: One metric ton of large flake graphite currently sells in the $1,250 to 1,500 range.


Purchase the .com name for one of the hottest sectors in today's graphite space. Micronized graphite - usually defined as powder with a diameter between 1 and 45 microns - has myriad commercial and industrial applications, including: Alkaline Batteries, Composite Materials, Dispersions, Drilling Fluids, Energy Storage, Friction, Graphene Technologies, Li-Ion Batteries, Lubricant Formulations, Powder Metallurgy, and Rechargeable Batteries.

Ideal for manufacturers, processers, or trading companies. Interested parties and serious bidders, please contact us with your offer.


Own the .com domain to not only one of the highest value graphite products in the industry today, but a sector that is guaranteed to grow over the next few decades, largely due to the increasing global demand in the electric vehicles, lithium-ion battery, and stationary energy/grid storage applications.

With companies like Boston Power, Foxconn, LG, Samsung, and Tesla building battery factories, this domain name will only increase in value, as SPG becomes more familiar, and the average person realizes that there is ~10 times more graphite than lithium in a Li-Ion battery. Interested parties and serious bidders, please contact us with your offer.

Note: One metric ton of uncoated spherical graphite (15 micron, 99.95% Carbon FOB China) currently sells in the $2,500 to 3,000 range.

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