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Flake Graphite Sizes

Super Jumbo (XXL)+30 mesh

Jumbo (XL)+50 mesh

Large+80 mesh

Medium+100 mesh

Small / Fine-100 mesh

Fine (Powder)-140 mesh

Flake Diameters

Super Jumbo (XXL)> 500 µm

Jumbo (XL)> 300 µm

Large> 180 µm

Medium100 to 150 µm

Small / Fine75 to 100 µm

Fine (Powder)45 to 75 µm

Graphite Applications

Aerospace Composites
Alkaline Batteries
Automotive Lubricants
Bearings & Bushings
Brake Pads & Linings
Carbon Additives
Carbon Brushes
Carbon Cloth & Paper
Carbon Composites
Carbon Raisers for Iron
Clean Energy Storage
Coatings & Adhesives
Construction Materials
Consumer Electronics
Continuous Casting Dies
CVD Substrates
Dry Film Lubricants
EDM Tooling
Electric Vehicles
Extruded Rods & Tubes
Flame Retardants
Flexible Foils & Sheets
Forging Lubricants
Fuel Cell Components
Graphene Advanced Materials
Graphene Solar Cells
Impervious Plates
Industrial Crucibles
Isomolded Plates
Lithium Ion Batteries
Machined Ingots
Medical Devices & Research
Metallurgical Greases
Nuclear Reactors
Oven Chain Lubricants
Pencil Lead
PGS Thermal Conductors
Plastics & Polymers
Portable Energy Products
Powder for Hard Metals
Powdered Lubricants
Powder Metallurgy
PTFE Bars & Rods
Pyrolitic Discs & Plates
Railroad Lubricants
Refractory Materials
Rubber Composites
Seed Lubricants
Sintered Composites
Zinc Carbon Batteries

Featured Graphite Company

Graphite Products Corp. logo

Graphite Products Corporation, based in Madison Heights, Michigan, strives to be a leader in providing specialty machined graphite forms in markets requiring high quality products, competitive prices, and on-time deliveries. They will respond to your changing needs, and seek new and better methods. This allows them to prosper as a business, and meet the needs and aspirations of their owners, career employees, suppliers, as well as their community.

Their quality program is approved by several of their largest customers based on ISO 9001:2008 requirements. Their Quality Manual is available for your inspection, and their capability includes CMM validation of your machining specifications.

Graphite Products Corp. Equipment

Graphite Products Corp. uses the latest in CNC machining equipment to meet the high standards of quality that you expect, including: manual and CNC lathes capable of turning diameters up to 66" and lengths up to 72"; machining plates up to 48" wide and 108" long; manual and automatic grinders; Bridgeport manual mills and DeVlieg boring mills.

Employing the latest in packaging technology, including foaming in place packing, to ensure the integrity of your products at their facility, their delivery performance in recent years is over ninety-nine percent, and their goal is to surpass this performance level in the current year.

Graphite Products Corp. Machine Shop

Their full service machine shop has availability to all types of graphite used in the industry, including the following manufacturers and grades:

Their extensive product list includes: Adhesives, Baffles, Bearings, Boats, Bolts, Brazing Fixtures, Bushings, Carbon Machining, CVD Fixtures, Coatings, Concave Heating Elements, Connectors, Container Molds, Continuous Casting, Crucibles, Custom Heating Elements, Degassing Tubes, Dies, Element Supports, Extrusion Canisters, Fixtures, Furnace Furniture, Gas Distributors, Glass Molds, Grafoil Flexible Graphite, Guides, Hearth Rails & Supports, Heat Shields, Heating Elements, Ingot Molds, Mandrels, Molds, Nuts & Bolts, Plates, Power Lead-ins, Pusher Bars & Blocks & Plates, Rectangle Heating Elements, Replacement Heating Elements, Rigid Graphite Insulation, Rollers, Round Heating Elements, Seals, Shafts, Sintering Boats, Sintering Trays, Sleeves, Slide Plates, Spacers, Square Heating Elements, Stopper Rods, Studs, Support Bars, Susceptors, Tubes, V Groove Trays, and Washers.